Terms & Conditions – DeLacey Preschool

The de Lacey Pre-School School Terms and Conditions

The de Lacey Pre-School believes that it is important that you, the parent/carer, and us, The de Lacey Pre-School, agree at the outset what is expected of each of us. Our terms and conditions are therefore set out below:

  1. The de Lacey Pre-School shall:
    – Make available suitable premises and staff except in unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.
    – Ensure that all relevant legislative requirements are fully met in terms of full day care.
    – Ensure that the school shall be open between the hours of 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday during 38 weeks of the year except in unforeseen circumstances beyond our control and on public, bank holidays and one week at Christmas and Easter, dates to be notified in advance.
  2. You as a parent/carer shall:
    – Sign any Agreement as appropriate.
    – Answer fully and accurately all questions set out in our registration and operational documents and keep us updated with any changes.
    – Pay the fees when they are due.
    – Inform The de Lacey Pre-School in writing of any food, medicine or other substances or activity which, if ingested or undertaken, would cause distress or harm to your child.
  3. How you will pay us
    Either monthly in advance or per term in advance either by direct debit, via GoCardless. Any variation to this payment method must be agreed in writing by us and may attract a small administrative charge. Please complete a Direct Debit Mandate to authorise payment from your bank.
  4. Fees
    Once you have a place, we will not let it be used by anyone else. On that basis we have to make sure you understand that fees are payable in advance even if: – You pay in full or part with Childcare Vouchers. – You or your child is ill on a school day and your child is unable to attend. You decide for whatever reason that your child does not attend, including private holidays taken during term time. A day within the term is a public holiday or a staff training day. Exclusion periods for your child’s illness. The school cannot operate through no fault of The de Lacey Pre-School.
  5. Fee increases
    Fee increases will normally be implemented once a year and you will, in all cases, be notified at least two months in advance.
  6. Reductions
    If you have a second or third child in the school you will receive a discount on the first child’s fees; this will only apply whilst you have two or more children at the school.
  7. If you change your mind:
    If you decide you do not require a place or you wish to leave, you agree to give six weeks written notice, or pay one month’s fee in lieu of notice.
  8. Debt recovery
    If you default on your payments and we fail to reach an agreement to repay the debt, we will authorise a third party such as a debt collection agent or a solicitor to act on our behalf in the recovery of the debt. You will be informed in writing before we disclose your details to them.
  9. Refusal/withdrawal of a school place
    The de Lacey Pre-School reserves the right to refuse or withdraw a place for any child if we believe that such action is in the best safety and security interests of that child or other children attending the school. Your child’s place at the school will be withdrawn if fees are not paid in full in a timely manner.
  10. Late collection fee
    If you are unable to collect your child on time, you must let us know in advance. If you have not made a prior arrangement with us for the late collection of your child, the school reserves the right to charge a fee for the late collection of children at a rate of £12 for every consecutive 15 minutes or part thereof.
  11. Confidentiality of information
    The de Lacey Pre-School is committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and security of personal information. We use personal information primarily to help us deliver service to you. Occasionally, we may enlist other companies to provide limited services on our behalf. We will only provide those companies with information they need to deliver the service(s) required and they are prohibited from using that information for any other purpose.
  12. Children’s clothing and jewellery
    Please clearly label your child’s clothing. The school staff cannot be held responsible for lost or mislaid clothes. Please ensure your child does not wear jewellery at school, as we cannot be held responsible for lost or broken jewellery.
  13. If there is anything you are not sure of, please ask.